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 Communicating with a distracted audience  can be extremely difficult. That’s why we orchestrate message deployment across various media platforms, creating force multiplication.

We understand the application of combined  messaging, market research methodology, and audience targeting. Our commitment to you is disciplined work that stays on message with clarity and consistency.​​

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Our successful programs create impact by  tailoring the message to market specific criteria  according to user based personal details and  characteristics.

Key elements of personalization, data mining,  micro targeting, and propensity modeling  sharpen the focus for maximized effectiveness.  Our work product makes impact and leaves an  impression.​​


Since 1999 International Associates ("IA) has been providing clients a unique combination of strategic growth, distribution expansion, project management and financial solutions, along with high-level relationship access for joint-venture projects and select transactional advisory services.  

​We work with clients at various levels of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most beneficial; by assembling a team of the most appropriate experience ​and expertise for every engagement. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results that equip our clients and JV partners to grow and meet their goals.  Because our fees are not solely transaction-based, we can maintain genuine objectivity and interest in our clients’ long-term success. We execute projects, by carefully considering the client’s corporate strategy, their short and long-term goals, and can work closely with the clients/partners throughout all phases of a project.

Our teams of professionals, complimented by a world-class group of advisors and consultants, have a broad range of management and execution experience in a wide array of business and project development. The company has a flexible and robust investment platform, catering to the investment needs of its wide pool of projects and investors. This includes corporate and financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and high-net-worth individuals.  We serve a broad mix of private, public, and social-sector organizations.  Our group of well-versed business professionals and JV partners are here to assist clients with their unique needs, business goals, development and growth.

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are driven by the belief that  successful campaigns take control of the  agenda, define the issues, and develop a  carefully thought-out plan that  maximizes resource allocation.

 You need a customized strategy that  exercises message discipline and clear  communication. Together we will choose  the right battles to fight, on your terms  and not on your opponent’s.

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 Connecting with your audience is the pivotal  element in achieving measurable results. It’s  the moment when message delivery has paid  off by transformed interest into action.

Making the connection centers on the elements  of coordinated design. Everything we produce  includes a strong call to action, stark contrasts,  highly personalized touch, exceptional timing,  and message clarity.​​


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