•  We don’t publicize our work or involvement with any of our clients or partners

              (unless specifically outlined and mutually agreed to as a strategic plan)

Business Review & Expansion

There is a certain comfort in routine. The International Associates team provides a fresh set of eyes to help spot those comfortable routines which are no longer efficient or perhaps even necessary. Focusing on improving operational efficiency can lead to improved profitability, streamlined office management and higher morale. The primary step in creating operational excellence is developing a strategic business plan to guide you. 

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are the approaches  used to generate new business, typically by reaching out to target audiences with a message that the target audience members will find compelling and motivating. 

Strategies are most effective when they can be narrow-focused, target specific audiences who share characteristics that suggest they will respond based on their  shared characteristics. 

When properly focused, a marketing strategy drives sales and generates a positive return on marketing investment (Marketing ROI).


 -- We tightly guard & protect our clients' confidences and the confidential nature of our / their projects.


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​Strategies For Success

​​​​​​​​International Associates ("IA") is a business development firm with expertise in creating, extracting and enhancing the maximum value of projects, business platforms and investments. For nearly two decades IA and our affiliates have been involved in the strategic development of early to mid-stage growth companies; providing management consulting and advisory services to both public and private firms. At our boutique firm our principals, partners and management teams are comprised of proven business leaders in the areas of: project development & management, medical technologies, devices and practices; gaming, non-profits, product launches of consumer goods and emerging technology distribution -  along with strategic marketing and media to support new ventures. The company, through its network and affiliated entities is currently active primarily throughout the United States, as well as Asia, Europe, South America, the Caymans, the Middle East and other key regions of the world.

​The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our platform for success. For this reason, we've invested tremendous resources in retaining and developing our professional relations with our exceptional team members and the  that enhance our core strengths with the best professionals around the globe.  We integrate and utilize our team's IQ capital and expertise with our capital partners & professional relationships in endeavors that leverage and create enduring value and opportunities.           

  •   We only take on engagements that we believe IA can create & maximize value for the client

           substantially IN EXCESS of our professional fees and/or equity stake in a project.

   Our Industries of Focus & Expertise are (but not limited to):

  • JV Partnering and Business Development in many sectors
  • Healthcare (several sectors within)
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical: Devices, Products, Technology, Equipment
  • RX Wellness
  • Product Launches
  • Technologies
  • Medical Cannabis & CBD (through one of our subsidiary companies
  • Contact usfor a complete list of Industries or Industry transactions 

  • We express our professional opinions and the truth from well-founded unbiased research.

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Brand Development

Brand development is critical to practice success. "Brand" is the image that your practice projects into the community. Some brands are carefully considered; others just happen - and while the later tend to be accurate, they may not support practice growth.

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Education and Training

Education and the allocation of proper instruction serves as a key linchpin to any business. There is a direct correlation to the investment in proper training and the ability to deliver measured results.

The area of education becomes an important component to imparting basic client techniques, service level orientation, and an investment in the human component that brings your brand and your practice to life each and every day. 


Igniting  Business Development 

Business Development With IA

Project Management

An important aspect of any project is the careful day to day management of any project. Project management entails understanding full project scope, accountability and methods to manage the project.

One of the most important components of any project is to deliver results, focus on detail oriented execution, on time and on budget with effective delivery to start the transition from project to use and building a successful practice.

Strategic Planning

Effective long-range planning is essential to sustained practice growth. Practice growth doesn't just happen, it involves a dedicated effort across a variety of factors to create sustained practice growth. These factors involve strategic planning that looks into the future, while remaining sufficiently flexible to be adaptable to changes in the marketplace, changes in technology, the effectiveness of competitors' marketing  and the growth of the marketplace.

​​​​​​Business Development • JV Partnering Advisory Services